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Digital Humanities Network

Are there new ways to look at traditional texts? If you look into the world of Digital Humanities via the University of Toronto’s Digital...

Catching up with U of T’s Teaching Fellow, 2016-2017
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Learning the Unteachable Through Intensive Personalized Feedback: The Self-Development Laboratory

By Mihnea Moldoveanu with Duncan MacKinnon Collaborative problem solving and decision-making skills are now recognized as essential in today’s organizational environment, where over 75% of...
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The Feedback Loop: Open Communications and Collaborative Learning

While lectures have enduring value, challenging students and keeping them engaged sometimes requires a rethinking of the classroom paradigm and traditional learning models. With...
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The Intersection of Innovation and Improvement and the Scholarship of Teaching

Understanding how to integrate research on teaching into the classroom and into the practice of instructors is a fundamental part of teaching and learning...